Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Color Design

Color design, for some, comes naturally. I am not one of those people.

Design is Hard Work
For me, color design requires a lot of effort.

I have a little understanding of basic color concepts, but for me, when I'm mixing a lot of colors, I need to create a graphical representation of what the final product will look like.

The Rosemary's Baby blanket was a perfect example. I had done a small graphic, with approximations of the 16 colors I was using, and after many different attempts, I arranged them in a way that I thought looked great.

As I started knitting it, I was starting to doubt some of the choices I had made (reader comments helped to foster that doubt). This same kind of doubt came up a dozen times when I was making the FiestaWear pullover.

The lesson I learned, was that I need to design based on the total composition of the piece. Designing color as I go along, would not be a very successful method for me.

Heresy Swatch
The colors I used in this swatch are not what I will end up using, although I kind of like this colorway.

If I didn't care about dumbing down a color design, I'd stick with these colors.

Unfortunately, I know I can do better.

I've got some of the colors picked out already, and I'm liking the Pine and Light Blue combination in the swatch enough, that I'll end up using that as well.

But as with all color design, I will minimally have to mock up or a graphic representation of what the finished sweater will look like, or do another swatch with the intended colors.

Interim Knitting
While I fiddle with Heresy designing, and ordering yarn, I've started the sock with the double-ruffle scarf yarn.

I have two things to say about this yarn:

1. Color - awesome
2. Quality - yummy

They yarn is called Dancing Feet from Joslyn's Fiber Farm. It's in colorway Forest Floor.

Wendy used this a while ago, and I had to order it. I'm incredibly glad I did. These will be the most comfortable, nice looking socks I've ever made.