Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Bone Weary

There is just NOT enough time in the day these days.

This week I'm not commuting to Albany, so I thought my days would be leisurely.

Tax filing ripped any spare time from my hands like an older brother takes Christmas money from his younger sibling.

Taxes have been rather simple for me in the past. Even when I started itemizing, my taxes went smoothly and easily.

This year I had to file the following taxes:

1. Thaddeus' Federal taxes
2. Thaddeus' PA state taxes
3. Thaddeus' local Earned Income taxes
4. My Federal taxes
5. My PA state taxes
6. My NY state taxes (NY state non-resident taxes SUCK)
7. My local Earned Income taxes
8. My estimated quarterly local Earned Income taxes
9. My property taxes (okay, I only had to pay these, but they came along with all the others)

Just organizing all the paperwork and getting all the software and forms I needed took for-freaking-ever. I did not enjoy the experience this year at all.

Knitting Time
Despite all of the well-intentioned comments, I put the Bulls-Eye blanket back on the needles and knitted a total of one round (I am NOT taking a fucking picture).

I do intend on finishing this blanket (or whatever the fuck it turns out to be), and I decide to finish it for one reason. To see if the final color composition works or not.

Kim Salazar is exactly right in her comment that it's hard to tell the colors on a computer monitor (whether it's old or new, it doesn't matter much).

For those of you asking about the color placement, not only did I plan out the color order of the blanket in advance, the next color that comes after the current orange color, is a bright think it hurts your eyes now, wait till you see the next round completed.

Blog Reader Distractions
To distract you from the "vortex-of-hell" blanket discussion, I'm posting pictures of two sweaters that I made a long time ago.

The first one, I made for my first lesbian friend and coworker.

It's a worsted weight cotton (ugh) vest that I designed using the woven stitch. It looked very much like an Indian blanket when I was done. She seemed to like it, so I was very pleased.

The other one was a little Debbie Bliss Fair Isle vest done in Rowan cotton that I made for my nephew.

I'm not sure what my sister ever did with that little vest. It was a pain in the ass to make, because not only do cotton and Fair Isle not mix very well, but it was done flat. Purling and Fair Isle mix even less than cotton and Fair Isle.

Readers' Comments/Questions
Kathy asks if I'll be giving up sleeping to take up spinning.

I don't anticipate starting spinning right away. I'm just getting my feet wet. I was hoping to stop working before I began spinning, but I may start a little earlier than that (like, 7 years earlier). I just picked up two more spinning books at the book store today.

Jojo asks who does the cooking in our household.

Thaddeus does almost all of the cooking. He's better at it than I am, although I'm not a bad cook. He enjoys it a lot too and he's MUCH neater when he cooks than I am.