Monday, April 19, 2004

Ahh Springtime

It's beautiful even in Schenectady, New York today.

Signs of Spring
My favorite sign of Spring is the blooming of the Bradford Pear trees in my neighborhood.

The streets of my townhouse complex are lined with Bradford Pear trees, and then at the end, some form of pink blossoming cherry tree (which blooms at the same time).

I love the Summer most, but Spring comes a close second because it foretells an upcoming Summer.

Knit Get-Together
In honor of Marilyn's birthday this coming Sunday, a few of us are getting together in New Hope to enjoy the Spring weather and gab about knitting.

Stop by Marilyn's blog and remind her how old she is...that never gets tired.

God my knitting is boring!!!

It's boring to knit, and it's boring to blog about...I'm sure it's equally as boring to read about.

Although, I had a major crisis with it that had me on the edge of my seat with fear.

I realized that I wouldn't have enough yarn for the color on the most recently completed square. I decided to do one less row of purl stitch, and add an extra row of knit in the next color to compensate. It all turned out fine, and it shouldn't be noticeable.

Didn't that just give you chills of excitement?

I'm on the second-to-last square on the Rosemary's Baby blanket. There wasn't really enough progress to take a picture, so I'll take one for my next entry.