Friday, April 30, 2004

Addiction, Compulsion, Obsession, Habit

All of these seem to describe how I do knitting.

Yarn Purchase
I called Yarns International to see if they would be able to bring my order with them to MDS&W. Unfortunately they can't.

That didn't stop me from ordering enough yarn to make two Fair Isle vests. Here are the colors I think I ordered. I have my original list, but some weren't in stock.

I still think I need a tweedy, light blue, but I'll decide that after I swatch up these colors.

Now I can't wait for them to arrive.

Spring Cleaning
Thaddeus surprised me with four more of the canvas, hanging closet shelves, and as I was moving yarn into them, I found a lot of things I have been looking for for a while.

1. Missing yarn for a Rowan Denim Jacket and a completed front section.
2. Stitch markers (dozens of them)
3. The lycra I needed for the knitted underwear waistband
4. Significant left-overs of Shetland jumper-weight from an old Stained Glass pullover I made.
5. A tapestry knitting needle case FILLED with metal straight needles and accessories

I feel like I doubled my stash of knitting shit just by organizing it a little.

Interim Knitting
I stalled a little (as I usually do) on the Dancing Feet sock. The ribbing always slows me down some.

Kim S.'s comments on tightness got me a little concerned now. I never considered the tightness of putting these socks on, and I got worried that she might be exactly right.

Suffice it to say, I didn't want to rip out the entire leg of this sock after it's done so I put the active stitches on waste yarn and tried this litte sock-wannabe on.

These socks are amazing. I will definitely enjoy wearing them.

Off To The Festival
Thaddeus and I leave this afternoon to head down to Baltimore.

For all you GLBT folks who will be there tomorrow (Saturday), there will be a small meet-up at 1:00 PM back by the herding dog arena at the back of the fairgrounds.

The secret words to gain entry are either:

1. The spider barks at midnight!


2. Baaah, Ram, Ewe

Don't tell anyone. Hope to see some of you there.