Sunday, April 04, 2004


Numerologically, this has to be a good year for me.

Birthday Gifts and Fun
So much to talk about.

Birthday started on Friday when I got birthday cards from family and friends in the mail.

Then, reader Thuy sent a VERY generous gift.

I will now have to search for an appropriate knitting book on which to spend this nice gift. Thank you very much.

Thaddeus gave me these beautiful flowers early so I could enjoy them throughout the weekend (but wouldn't let me open my card till today).

Isn't it amazing what two gay boys can do with some daisies? We had also bought a dress watch for me a couple of weeks ago as my birthday gift.

Birthday Road Trip
Yesterday, we took a nice drive out to Buttsville, NJ (I don't make this shit up) to my favorite hot dog place on the planet, Hot Dog Johnny's.

And had this.

Well, actually, I had four hot dogs with "everything". "Everything" at HDJ's is diced onions, mustard and a pickle spear. I took the picture of the one above to show I got TWO pickles on this one. A very rare and special occassion at HDJ's.

Birthday Events
Today's schedule will include a haircut (by the master barber, Thaddeus), perhaps an ear candling and a dinner at my favorite local Italian restaurant, Andiamo in Lambertville, NJ.

Current Knitting
I'm very close to being finished on the baby blanket.

I'm about one third complete on the last repeat. I have to give credit to the designer, Nancy Hearne on this blanket. It is quite beautiful, and yet simple at the same time.

Next Project
I've got four options for my next project, and I have done swatches for two of them.

1. Soon-to-be yarn store owner, Nadine suggested the Rambling Rows afghan in baby weight yarn.
2. Knitter friend, Leslie suggested a slip-stitch mosaic pattern that is checked on one side and striped on the other.
3. Joan Hamer suggested a different mosaic slip-stitch pattern called Blocks and Waves.
4. Yarn store owner/designer Carol Lapin suggested the Lion Brand afghan with spriral squares.

My next blog entry will have pictures of each, and a survey to ask for readers' votes on which they think would be best.

Readers' Questions/Comments
Thank you all for you kind birthday comments. It makes my birthday even more enjoyable.