Sunday, March 14, 2004

Yarn Advice

Thank you all for your ideas on yarns.

Baby Blanket Yarn
I went to the yarn store yesterday, and was having a lot of difficulty finding anything that was washable, DK weight and not cotton.

Everything I found that met all those criteria was only in colors that I didn't want to use for the blanket. That was until I realized that the KFI Cashmereno was machine washable, and DK weight!!!

Then I come home to find Marilyn's timely note about Cashmereno...great minds think alike.

There were a lot of colors I liked, but most of them were either associated with a gender, or weren't what I was looking for. I figured I couldn't go wrong with basic white.

Now I can't wait to start this new project.

Current Knitting
I've added a few inches onto the body of the ribbed Morehouse raglan and it's looking pretty good.

In addition to having new, soft yarn for the baby blanket, and this project getting boring, I will have a LOT of trouble sticking with this until it's done.

Fortunately, the Morehouse merino is pretty yummy feeling as well.

Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival
It looks like Thaddeus and I will take a little road trip down to the MDS&W on Saturday, May 1st, in case anyone will be going.

All the talk of yarn vendors and spinning equipment and lamb chops made both Thaddeus and my mouths water.

We probably won't spend much time down there, but I'm looking forward to it very much.

Change of E-Mail
I've complained about AOL for years, but in all honesty, AOL is where I first established the QueerJoe identity.

But, alas, AOL is no longer necessary for me, and I've decided to cancel my account. I had heard horry stories (like this one) about folks being unable to cancel their accounts, but I had no trouble.

My new e-mail, in case folks want to get in touch, is or