Thursday, March 11, 2004

Twisted Readers

I am never disappointed when I ask the readers of this site to exhibit creativity.

Twisted Posters
A few people went to town and came up with their posters for the election. Check them out on the links below:

Carol S.
Wendy B.
Audrey's First
Audrey's Second

Mine was pathetically boring compared to those. Thanks, that was fun.

I got some additional knitting done on the Morehouse Raglan. Just barely enought to merit a picture on the blog.

I am close to the point where I put the sleeves on holders, so the next pictures will look a lot more like a sweater (rather than a fancy hanger cover).

Next Knitting Project
My client-boss is pregnant, and while I probably won't be on the job when she delivers in August, I thought I'd make her a baby blanket.

Another client-co-worker found this pattern, and I liked it well enough to consider doing for my next project.

Now I just have to find some machine-washable, DK weight yarn in a nice non-gender-specific color.