Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Twisted Ideas

One of the best ways of mocking the opposition, is twisting their ideas for your own purposes.

Election Posters
The Republican web site has added the ability to create custom posters.

Here's my first attempt.

Check it out and make your own cool poster. I'd be happy to post any clever entries if you want to send me the PDF file that gets created.

Have fun.

I did a few more rows on the Morehouse Raglan pullover. Not really enough to show a new picture, so I'll hold off on that until next entry.

I loved the web link that Sarah (my favorite listmum) sent as a demonstration of what she wants to knit. It does look similar to what I'm knitting (except with drop-shoulders and a hot man wearing it). Thanks for making my day brighter.

New Knitting Store
Reader Fredda sent me information on a yarn store close to my current client. Ye Olde Yarn Shoppe, in Schenectady, NY is a cute little store with a large amount of yarn.

While they had way too much novelty yarn for my tastes, I can't blame them for that, because it sells. But they also had a lot of Sirdar, Pingouin, Debbie Bliss, Regia, Noro and KFI yarns. Patterns and yarn were stuck into every nook and cranny in the store.

Way too much to explore on a lunch visit. I may need to go back.

With my compulsion, I couldn't leave the store without buying at least one garment's worth of yarn, so I purchased this.

It's 12 balls of Gaelic Aran yarn (by KFI) in a dark olive color that they call sage (it's too dark to really be sage). I bought about 2050 yards because I've been thinking that I'd like to design my own Aran sweater or knit one of Antonio's (if he ever decides to write one up). Either way, I liked the color and thought it would show off cabling very nicely.

Readers' Comments/Questions
JoJo asks what are Thaddeus' hobbies.

Thaddeus is an amateur mycologist. There is probably a more accurate word for what he does, but he's into foraging for wild mushrooms. He's obsessed lately with his 1983 Mercedes Benz (240D, I think), and he also enjoys fishing once in a while.