Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Sweater Ownership

Is it good or bad that Thaddeus and I are about the same size when it comes to clothes?

Our Clothes Rules
Jojo asks who will get the sweater when it's done.

Thaddeus and I have come to this unstated agreement about clothes that fit us both.

While our sizes are similar, the styles that flatter each of us aren't.

Thaddeus looks good in bold, large patterns and sage greens and browns.

I look better in small patterns and blues and reds.

Our unstated rule has become that whoever looks better in a piece of clothing, gets to claim it as their own. If we both look good in it, then it belongs to the purchaser (or recipient if it's a gift).

Current Knitting
Since the current sweater is a bold rib pattern, in a tan/taupe color, the original intention was to give it to Thaddeus.

Knowing that he tries to minimize any tight, clinging around his stomach/waist area, I tried to make the fabric of this sweater rigid enough that it wouldn't be completely form-fitting when the ribbing pulls in around his mid-section.

I really won't know if I was successful until the sweater is complete. Right now, I'm just about to swith over to a smaller needle to do the bottom of the body.

If all goes as planned, Thaddeus will get the final sweater. If the shape of the sweater isn't acceptable to Thaddeus, I will get the sweater.

Next Project
I brought the baby blanket yarn and needles and pattern with me to Albany just in case I "needed" to start something new.

Since it's slated to snow ten inches today, and I need a US6 needle for the bottom ribbing of the Morehouse ragland body, I may not be able to get to the yarn store today to pick up the needles that I left at home. I my just be "forced" to start the baby blanket tonight.

New Design Idea
I was hoping to have started the Fair Isle design yesterday, but work had me too busy. Hopeufully, I can get in some design time today.

Readers' Comments/Questions
Thanks for all the responses on K the K sts and P the P sts.

If a novice knitter/co-worker hadn't confirmed that she had to re-do the ribbing three times because of the instructions, I wouldn't have been so sure that it was bad instructions. I like adding "as they appear" or some such instruction. Like Sean mentions, it helps get the new knitter to recognize what the stitches look like.