Monday, March 01, 2004

Supportive Readers

I wanted to start today's entry with a thank you to all of you who support the effort of civil rights. Amending the constitution (state or federal) to deny equal rights seems so wrong, and yet there seem to be a lot of folks who support it because of how the right wing spins it.

Funny T-Shirts
Thanks to Carol S.'s creativity and humor, you can now order t-shirts (if you didn't already read about them in the comments.

Check out Carol's great offerings and wear her creations with pride. I've already ordered one of each, and I can't wait to wear them around town.

I ended up finishing Rebekah II last night, including knitting the second sleeve, sewing both of them on, and weaving in the ends. I'm hopeful that Thaddeus will run into the neighbor sometime this week and can deliver it, but if not, I'll do it this weekend.

The little sweater turned out quite beautifully, and the faux fur trim is very silky and soft. The combination of merino and microfiber fur is very soft. I also love the color combination.

While you can't see it from the picture, there are a couple of pattern stitches in the body and trim of the sweater which look great together as well. I still may decide to write up this pattern, but I'll have to change the trim at the bottom to something else. I could never write up how I did it without writing line-by-line instructions.

Albany Knitting
I ended up bringing the vacation sock and the kid alpaca bedspread to Albany with me.

Both of them are fine gauge and seemingly endless, but they seemed to be the easiest projects to grab and pack last night when I was getting ready.

Updates and pictures to come later.

Readers' Comments/Questions
Kathy asks what was the best meal we had on vacation.

The local restaurants do something amazing with flank steak (I think they might call it tampiquena or something like that) that both Thaddeus and I love. I also had one of the best chicken mole dish I've ever had, and lots of spicey habanero sauces.

Thuy (in an e-mail) asks if I have a gift wish list since my birthday is fast approaching.

Thank you for asking, it was very sweet. I didn't really put my birthday count-down on my blog to beg for gifts. It was more to help folks remember to wish me a happy birthday.

Carol S. (of t-shirt fame) asks if I blocked the undies before assembling.

I was planning on it, but I didn't feel like taking out the iron while I was on vacation, and the sewing up of the the three pieces ended up being easy without blocking. One wearing and they really don't seem to need blocking.

Aubergine wants to know if the undies chafe my cackies.

The merino I used for this project is very soft, and no, there is no chafing. As I mentioned in my last post, I will have to add some lycra to the waistband to help keep them up.

Finally, Noemie mentions that I should have titled my blog from last week as "Estoy en Cancun" instead of "Soy en Cancun".

She is exactly right, and minutes after I left the internet cafe where I posted that entry, I realized I had made a mistake. I guess I was just hoping it was a permanent situation as opposed to just a week-long vacation.