Tuesday, March 30, 2004

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

I wish I was talking about my knitting progress.

Civil Rights Travesties of Justice
Two news articles came across my computer screen today.

Both of them were clear demonstrations of how much hate there is when it comes to treating people equally.

The first one is pretty big news. Massachusetts legislature has agreed on a state constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriages.

Massachusetts Hate Legislation

The second is even worse in some ways. It's not just a denial of equal rights, it's censorship and hate-mongering with our children.

The Boy Scouts of America has kicked out an Eagle Scout for expressing his opinion that it's wrong to discriminate.

Boy Scouts of America Strikes Again

Three cheers for Andrew Cote who demonstrates the true values that scouting is supposed to espouse, despite harsh outcomes.

Two Steps Forward
There's no back-tracking when it comes the knitting on the baby blanket. Four sections complete and about three more to go.

The recipient just went for an ultrasound today, but she's not going to find out the gender. Fortunately, the off-white will work for either a boy or a girl.

Here's a closeup of the pattern for those of you wanting more detail.

Next Project
I brought the yarn with me for the next baby blanket...

...but I forgot the pattern. I'm not sure if it's a free, on-line pattern, so I may not get to "swatch" this one this week.

Readers' Questions/Comments
Audrey asks what is boring about the baby blanket.

The pattern has a 36 stitch, 8 row repeat that doesn't vary enough for my knitting interest. I still like the pattern well enough to struggle through my boredom.