Monday, March 29, 2004

Knitting In My Sleep

Okay, fess many of you have been found snoring with the knitting needles still making stitches?

Mini Mistakes
Thaddeus has found me dozing off while my hands continue knitting. I just caught myself doing that three times last evening as I watched television, and worked on the baby blanket.

Only twice did I have to rip back a little to fix the errors I made will sleep-knitting.

Despite that, and a busy Sunday evening, I have still made some progress on this project. I'll have a picture showing you where I am tomorrow, but suffice it to say, I'll be more than half done by then.

Morehouse Raglan Ownership
Now that the Morehouse Raglan is washed and dried, and the ribbing doesn't pull in quite as much, Thaddeus is reconsidering trying it on.

I begged him all weekend to try it on so I could get a picture for the blog. He was not very cooperative. Hopefully I'll get one sometime this coming weekend.

The Real Rebekah
But what I do have is a picture of both Thaddeus and our neighbor/sweater recipient, Rebekah.

This is the frilly sweater that I made for her in the carnival/Mexican colored yarns. I thought it would be way too small because I didn't have enough yarn, but it looks wonderful on her.

This girl could make any sweater look adorable.

This is also the most accurate picture of Thaddeus that I've ever seen. Unfortunately, I had to scan a physical photograph, so the quality isn't that great. Ain't he adorable too?

Readers' Questions/Comments
Aarlene suggests sending donations to a charity on behalf of my birthday.

I love this suggestion, with a minor change. My views on charitable giving are that they should be done without announcing it to the world (or to anyone, for that matter). That being said, I would love to think that someone took my birthday as an opportunity to donate to a charity. But I'd prefer that it was a charity of their own choice, and that they did it so that only the donor and their rendition of a higher power (if applicable) know about it.

Marta asks about yarn stores in Verona Italy.

Unfortunately, I didn't bring my copy of Vogue with me to work this week, so I can't look that up in their article. My only experience with yarn shopping in Italy is a lovely little store I found in Lucca. I bought the generic brand of Cashmereno for about 60% of what I'd pay for it here.

Kathy is the most well-traveled yarn shopper I've ever met. If she says there's not much, I would take her word for it.