Monday, March 08, 2004


The on-line knitting universe has some incredible weirdos, but there are also some amazingly generous folks out there.

Thank You's
I've been very fortunate to have met some incredible folks as part of my blogging. This forum has allowed me to be among some very talented and tasteful knitters.

Lately, it has also introduced me to some very generous folks.

Thuy was the knitter in California who asked if I had a wish list for my upcoming birthday. When I mentioned I didn't, she kindly offered professional engineering services in exchange for knitting inspiration. Talk about imbalance of trade...I felt like George W. Bush.

John in Portland just married his long-time lover, Alan of 26 years. He sent me an e-mail offering to house Thaddeus and I if we decided to take advantage of the gay marriages in his county in Oregon. He also offered a tour of the Portland-area yarn stores. How great is that?!?!

Thank you to both of you.

While I don't anticipate taking either of you up on your offers, the offers were wonderful and generous nonetheless.

You'll see I've made some additional progress on the Morehouse (I've been misspelling it...sorry) raglan pullover.

The wide ribbing pulls in, so it's hard to get a sense about what the sweater will look like when it's being worn. It also makes it look like I haven't knit much, but I really have!!

I've tried it on a few times to make sure I like it, and it's looking better and better. I'll try to take a picture of the yolk forming over my massive shoulders.

The finished garment is going to be very soft and very warm. I have GOT to make my way to Morehouse Merino sometime to get some more of this stuff. I don't think I can wait until Stitches in October now that I've had the chance to work with this beautiful yarn.

Panic Moment
Now that I've made a little progress, I decided to project ahead a little to see if the ribbing would work out based on the numbers. It appears I'll be off by about four stitches.

My options are:

1. Increase by four stitches and make the sweater a little oversized.
2. Keep two of the under-sleeve ribs as two-stitch ribs
3. Rip out the sweater and re-design

I'm pretty certain I'll choose the first option. Since the ribbing pulls in, and the knitted fabric is thick, a little extra ease won't hurt a thing.

If the sweater is already too wide around the chest when I get to that point, I'll choose option two.

Option three is out of the question.