Sunday, March 28, 2004

Boring, Steady Progress

Progress on the Cashmereno baby blanket continues at a steady pace.

Knitting Boredom
It's very strange.

I love the pattern.

I love the yarn.

I love how the blanket is coming out.

But progress is on this project is steady and oh so boring.

I've finished another section of the blanket pattern repeat, and I'm moving into the next section. Fortunately, I think I'm only doing seven sections total (perhaps nine if yarn is sufficient). I may just have to start a "swatch" (thanks Stephanie for the great subterfuge idea of calling a new project a swatch) of the new baby blanket.

This overgrown, luxurious warscloth is getting tedious, but it's still going to be an amazing gift.

Critiquing Friends
In my critique of the two knitting magazines, and then as a follow-up in the comments, Brandon Mably's sweater design in Rowan Silk Tweed was mentioned.

Kathy and I both know Brandon personally. Kathy has hung out with him quite a bit (and as some would notice, she is fiercely loyal to her friends), and I've met him a few times, and we both think he is a wonderful guy.

Usually, I don't mix personalities with my opinions, but I would find it very difficult to trash anything that Brandon had designed. Fortunately, I like this most recent sweater, so I didn't have to.

I also find it very difficult to critique the work of "my people". When one of my brethren took over the helm of a major knitting magazine, and it hasn't been very good since, I had a lot of trouble critiquing the editor. I don't know the editor personally, but I still wanted to give the person the benefit of the doubt.

Readers' Questions/Comments
Marilyn says about one of my critiques, "The argument for chunky cotton yarn that you will hear is 'I live in Rio and it's too hot for wool.' Or some such sh*t."

That excuse doesn't cut it for me. Even cotton is heavy and hot when it's chunky weight. There is no place I could imagine using a chunky weight cotton.

Carol S. mentions that she thought the shawl in FCEK was okay.

I agree, I thought that was one of the 10 designs I thought was okay or good. Kind of boring design, but a good choice of yarn, inoffensive shaping. Overall, okay design.

Stinkerbell asks about the Italy yarn shopping section in Vogue Knitting.

It would be a little bit of work to copy all of the information into the blog, or an e-mail. I'd be glad to mention a few of the places discussed If I knew what area of Italy you were moving to.