Friday, March 12, 2004

Blog Advice

It's always flattering when someone asks for my advice, but even more flattering when they actually take it.

Beth's Blog
Beth was the reader that asked for blog advice the other day.

I just got a chance to check out her blog today.

It's just about the most perfect blog.

The colors she's chosen are extraordinary (her design schooling clearly gives her an edge here...I want her to redesign my colors sometime!!!)

The topics are interesting, thought-provoking and along my lines of thinking.

The writing is succinct and opinionated without being sanctimonious or rude.

The knitting content is excellent.

Most importantly, I got a clear picture of who she is (despite how erroneous it might be).

I finally got to the bottom of the sleeve opening on the Morehouse raglan.

I always like this stage in a top-down raglan for two reasons. One, it clearly looks like a sweater at this point. Two, there are a lot fewer stitches to knit each round.

I'm hopeful to put a lot of knitting time in this weekend.

Next Knitting Project
I'm also hopeful to get over to the yarn store sometime this weekend to look for an appropriate yarn for the DK weight baby blanket.

I was considering Kerry's advice on using acrylic to avoid any chance of allergy, but honestly, the knitting process is for me as well as the recipient, and I much prefer wool. If I can't find anything I like in wool or wool blend, I'll look more at acrylics.

Readers' Questions/Comments
Susan asks if I have any pictures of Simply Knit, since she does most of her purchasing on-line, and would like to get a sense about the store (especially since their web site is so sparse).

I don't have any at the moment, but I'll try to take some if I go this weekend, and post them in another entry. It's a nice little store. I can (and have) spent hours there.

Aubergine asks what is the gauge of the Morehouse Merino and how many skeins will it take to make the sweater.

I actually swatched for this sweater, and in stockinette, I got 17 stitches over 4 inches on US8 needles. Each skein has about 125 yards, so I'm expecting to use between 10 and 12 skeins for this sweater.