Thursday, February 05, 2004

Hooked on Phonics

First, thanks to Marilyn for noticing my misspelling of "heel". It's one of the few words where "heal" doesn't ever look wrong to me. Interesting that I used both spellings in the original, uncorrected post.

Obligatory Knit Blog Cat Picture
My cat, Gage, takes a terrible picture, but every once in a while I feel it's necessary to post a picture. I mean, Wendy does it, so it must be how knit blogs are done.

Here he is hiding underneath the table at a recent dinner get-together with local friends.

This picture will have to suffice for another month or so. I don't really understand the purpose of cat pictures on a knitting blog, but every once in a while I have a slow day.

Knitted Underwear
The left side of the undies are moving right along. I made it up to the crotch, and I'm starting work where the fly begins.

Despite the boring nature of this kind of knitting (you folks must be drowsy), I'm actually enjoying this project quite a bit. It's very meditative in many ways.

I will also say that I don't foresee a drawer full of these undies.

Informal Survey of Readers
My current pattern calls for a button fly on the underwear front.

We did an informal survey where I used to work, but I'm wondering what most guys do when they go to a urinal (and woman can answer for any guys they want to ask).

More on Provisional Cast-On
I just wanted to thank Christina for adding an additional piece of information on this technique.

When I was being taught to do machine knitting, my friend/teacher would have me cast on with any waste yarn, and knit a few rows. Then I'd knit one row with a slippery yarn. And only then would I start using the real yarn.

I also tried to use very contrasting colors between the slippery yarn and the real yarn. It made picking up the live stitches easy to do before I pulled out the slippery yarn.

This technique worked very well on the circular knitting machine when I was making a pair of socks in one continuous process of knitting. I would start the first on at the toe, knit up through the top of the first sock, knit one row of slippery yarn, and then knit the second sock.

Kitchenering the toes and binding off at the top of the cuff were easy when I could pull out the slippery yarn between socks.