Saturday, February 14, 2004

Happy Valentine's Day

And happy birthday to my lover and life partner, Thaddeus. He's 50 years old today.

His birthday gift was this:

It's even fiber-related. It's one of two shearling car seat covers for his prized 1983 diesel Mercedes. They are merino wool shearlings, and there are headrest covers as well. He loved them.

Blog Contest
There were a total of 22 entries for the contest, and many folks REALLY wanted the yarn prize.

For the non-techno-geeks in the audience, you may be dismayed to know that the answers to the blog contest were readily available to anyone that knew how GoStats (my counter software) works.

You may have noticed I removed the counter from my site for the week of the contest, but that didn't stop 8 entrants to the blog contest from getting there in other ways to get the exact answers to the blog contest question.

I knew that this was a possibility when I established the rules for the contest, but I had no idea there were so many folks that would have found a way to figure it out. So, I feel I have to credit them with the ingenuity, and consider them one of the possible winners of the contest.

As stated, I picked randomly from all the contest entries with all correct answers, and the lucky winner is Gail in Illinois.

On winning she writes:

"I've just started knitting with jumper weight, and I'm loving it. And I love navy blue."

Congratulations, Gail, and thank you everyone for playing.

Knitted Underwear
I've gotten a little past the crotch on the right side of the underwear, and while I didn't get to knit anywhere near as much as I had hoped, I will probably end up finishing this project before I go on vacation next Friday.

Readers' Comments/Questions
Here is the picture of Lisa with a yarn moustache from the knit get-together at Kathy's house.

Now if I could just get permission to post the picture of Kathy that makes her look dazed, drunk and senile...