Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Defending Marriage

The sanctity of marriage needs to be defended against all who would denigrate its holy premise.

Most Recent Political Rant
What fucking hypocrites! Our White House Administration and Massachusetts folks in favor of passing a constitutional amendment defining marriage as only between a man and a woman really pisses me off.

How can they justify talking about the sanctity of marriage, and referring to the bible for a working definition only when it comes to keeping marriage rights away from gays and lesbians?

First of all, if they really wanted to protect the sanctity of marriage, they would have condemned Britney Spears for her publicity stunt marriage. They would condemn those conservative assholes at Fox for putting marriage-for-money shows on their "fair and balanced" network. They would be talking about how over half of the U.S. senate and house of representatives aren't fit to serve because they have had divorces. Until they truly show their belief in the sanctity of marriage, it's just plain, hateful bigotry.

Second of all, you should see how the bible really defines marriage. My artist friend, Jane Gilday sent me something from The Common Good Network that shows the idiocy of relying on the bible to define marriage. I don't think the Bush administration really wants to execute all the non-married, non-virgin women (or the women that got married after losing their virginity).

I urge any readers in Massachusetts or with family in Massachusetts to urge their government representatives to put a stop to the hateful waste of time and expense of amending their state constitution.

Blog Contest
As of this writing, I've received only one entry for this contest. This Friday is the deadline, so make sure you get your entries in before then if you would like they yarn prize.

Knitted Underwear
I'm progressing along nicely, and if I can maintain this pace of little knitted stitches, I should be able to finish the underwear by the end of this weekend.

While that will be an aggressive goal, it would be nice to finish up this project and get on with another one.

I also thought I'd show the booklet picture of the women's version of knitted underwear (listed as Lady's Knickers).

Readers' Comments/Questions
Elisa asks what size needle and what weight yarn I'm using for the men's knickers.

I'm using Baby Weight yarn on a US3 needle, which calls for a gauge of 32 sts = 10 cm (4"). The ribbing is being done on US1 needles. You can check out Patons Beehive here.