Friday, January 23, 2004

Successes, Wild Failures, New Project Ideas and a Messy Santorum

Today's entry shows some wildly amazing variations in knitting and political life.

Janis' Baby Gift
Janis was able to get this amazing picture of Marina in her new outfit.

I was glad that her camera shows the color combination between the two garments as not awfully garish together...just a little.

But more importantly, isn't Marina gorgeous?

Wild Failures
Lisa has an uncanny ability to find some of the most hideous web sites. I can't imagine how she does it.

Could you imagine taking the time to knit up this beauty? Click here for the pattern.

New Project Ideas
With the demise of the hemp pullover project (it's in "time-out" until it can be more reasonable and use it's gentle hands), I've decided to start a new project for the next door neighbor's daughter Rebekah.

My neighbor gave me enough yarn for two child garments, and I finished the first one a while ago, so I decided I'd start on something I could finish relatively quickly. I'm planning on doing a drop-sleeve pullover with ruffles at the bottom of the body and sleeves. We'll see how it turns out, I'm designing on the needles.

I might also start this lovely item, just for fun. Someone on my favorite knitting list sent the list this link.

Making a santorum
A while ago, Dan Savage, a writer for the Village Voice decided to use the name of the homophobic senator from my home state of Pennsylvania, Santorum, as the name of something sex-related, that Rick Santorum would absolutely detest.

My friend Kathy reminded me today that it was decided that the wet mess left on the bed after sex will now be known as a santorum. As in, "Steve slept on the santorum to avoid having his delicate new lover, Tom get his new silk boxers wet."

Rick Santorum is another political bigot that clearly needs to be replaced when he's up for election in 2006 (I think).