Thursday, January 22, 2004


Given that I like knitting so much, why is it that ripping out work always seems so daunting and frustrating? You'd think I'd be excited at the prospect or re-knitting something.

Hemp Pullover

Yes, I finally broke through my denial, and realized there is no way I will have enough yarn to finish this sweater at the pace I'm going through it.

I also took the time to measure what I had knitted up till now and my gauge is way off. Which is a shame because I really like the looseness of the fabric I'm making. Even if I decided to make the smallest size, the resulting sizing would be too big I think I may have to redesign this whole damn thing.

Revised Current Knitting
I honestly can't envision restarting the Hemp Pullover project right now.

I think I need to either:

1. Pick up the Koigu Oriental Jacket and complete that, or
2. Start a new lace project, or
3. Try designing my own Fair Isle sweater like Marilyn is doing.

Since I need to start working on something immediately, I will probably pick up the Oriental Jacket and work on that. At least for now.

Readers' Comments/Questions
Kake asks, "Do you have a list of references for the claims on the Bush resume? Or know who put it together in the first place?"

I don't have either. I did hear many of the "accomplishments" reported in the general medai during the 2000 presidential election, or at other times, but I don't think anyone questions that each one is true.

One place that has many of the Bush facts discussed as a media source themselves is

Ann asks if I'd like to size up the FiestaWare into kid sizes.

I wouldn't, but I have to say, resizing it from adult to baby was very easy. I just did a gauge swatch in the new yarn, and calculated how many blocks I wanted to do for the back of the garment. The neck shaping was very easy, and once I new the measurements for cuff and armhole shaping, the overall sizing was really quite easy.

Ane asks a few questions:

1. What size are the leggings.
A. They are about 20" from waist to toe.

2. How long did each piece take to make?
A. The sweater took a total of about 30 hours of knitting and the leggings about the same...maybe a little less.

3. Do I knit German style or American?
A. I don't knit in either of those styles. By German, I assume you mean someone that holds the yarn in their left hand and picks the yarn with the needle in their right hand. By American, I assume you mean someone that holds the yarn in their right hand and "throws" the yarn over the needle for each stitch.

I hold the yarn in my left hand and I "throw" it around the needle in my right hand. Polish knitting maybe?

Finally Kathy asks, "Wouldn't my li'l Boy look adorable in those tights?"

Kathy, your l'il boy would look adorable in ANY tights. I will need to fit him for his custom pair of tights .