Tuesday, January 20, 2004

One More Day

Sorry, but my current client didn't have a FedEx pickup yesterday, so Janis' baby gift went out today. Pictures tomorrow, I promise.

Knitting Magazines
I had to go to Borders last night for some greeting cards (one of my favorite places). I got the cards I needed, but I also looked through the magazines and picked up three knitting magazines.

Knitters, Vogue Knitting (VK), and Family Circle Easy Knitting (FCEK).

Of the three, VK is the only one I'm glad I own. It has a couple of interesting designs that I would consider making, or at least taking some design ideas from.

Knitters had very little that interested me. Believe it or not, Lily Chin had one of the finer garments with her Safari Tweed garment. I know I risk being banned by Marilyn (at both her old and new sites), but it is a fine use of tweed yarn, a good shape/design, and a good color choice. I also think Knitters has some good articles in this issue.

Vogue Knitting had a couple of designs I liked. There is a a square collar/neck treatment on one garment I liked a lot, a poncho that I thought was interesting (if you like ponchos), and there's a small article by Meg Swansen on Fussy Knitters that I found funny and succinct. There are also some garish, and some boring designs and number of wasted pages on yoga back stretches for repetetive stress conditions. I didn't care to read what they have to do with each other.

FCEK was just plain awful. Ugly designs in bad colors and I've seen them a dozen times before. I could throw out this issue and never miss any of it.

Current Knitting
I was wrong about the status of the Hemp Pullover. I had only done about 1/3rd of the first sleeve.

Last night I worked on it, and got past the halfway point. Overall, I anticipate finishing this project by next weekend (if I have enough yarn).

Brief Political Rant
For any of you enamored with our illustrious president, someone forwarded the following "resume", and I have to admit it raised my blood pressure significantly.

Click Here

Readers' Comments/Questions
Enjay asks how I am attaching the sleeve on the hemp sweater.

I'm not yet. I took the picture with the two pieces of the garment next to each other, but they're not attached yet. You are right, in that the sleeve is being knit back and forth, from cuff-to-shoulder, but I will just crochet them together like most sleeves when I'm done knitting.

Karen asks about the cum rag pattern, "what's the purpose of the glue, other than for peronsalization purposes?"

I'm assuming you're serious in your question, so I will answer it seriously (if you were being sarcastic, I'm sorry I couldn't tell).

The glue is supposed to look like cum already on the rag. It's got that milky look, and it allows for personalization at the same time. Most guys I know wouldn't actually use this rag for its stated purpose.

Ane asks if I use a knitting machine to increase the speed with which I complete projects.

I own three knitting machines (two flat beds and one circular sock knitting machine), but I don't use any of them (yet). All of the projects you see are completely hand knit. And as for bionic arms, I can only say, I wish. Actually, my knitting isn't very fast, I am just very persistent with projects.