Thursday, January 29, 2004

Even Ugly Sweaters Make Big Bucks

Did anyone read about General Wesley Clark's ugly argyle sweater that was auctioned off after he donated it?

eBay Never Ceases to Amaze Me
Wesley Clark was criticized for wearing this ugly argyle sweater.

He donated the sweater to Liberty House (a transitional shelter for homeless veterans in New Hampshire). Liberty House auctioned off the sweater to help raise money, and guess how much it fetched on eBay?

Over $5,400 (68 bids were made). Check it out here (if eBay still has it listed).

Current Knitting
Rebekah III continues to move along at about the same pace. I finished the first sleeve and started the second.

Tonight and tomorrow I'm hoping to sew it up, add the edge to the sleeves and come up with some collar treatment.

Readers' Comments/Questions
First off, thank you all for your undying (undyeing?) ass-kissing (for those of you who participated). I think Pubah is right, that it's just the weather, and your sincere comments raised my spirits significantly.

Marta asks about yarn weights.

The best source for all yarn information is Kim Salazar has an amazing conglomeration of useful yarn information that can be reviewed there. On her site, under "New Yarn Review" she has a drop-down list that shows all of the yarn weights (in order from thinnest to thickest). She also has a glossary of yarn terms in multiple languages that can be VERY useful.