Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Craft Store Junky

Anyone else out there that can't leave a craft or fabric store without a basketful of items?

Ronas Hill Buttons
I went to a local JoAnn's Fabric last night to look for buttons for Ronas Hill.

I first noticed that all of their Christmas and holiday items were on clearance sale for 70% off.

Since they have tons of ribbons at JoAnn's, I filled a small basket with them. I also bought some transparent Scotch tape, and since I couldn't decide which buttons I liked better, I bought enough buttons in two styles for Ronas Hill (a total of 6 cards of buttons).

The buttons were very simple, and I think will look nice on Ronas Hill, although I stupidly forgot to bring it with me this week so I could test them out.

I'll try them on when I get home.

As I was looking through the yarn section at JoAnn's, I found a few "JoAnn's Class Discount Coupons" on the floor for 10% off the entire purchase (including sale items). Since I've never taken a class there, I wasn't sure I could use it, but I decided to try.

I also got to feel Lion Brand Handspun that was discussed in comments last week. I didn't mind the feel of the yarn on the skein, but I've also never knit with it, so I have no idea how much I'd hate it.

Anyway, all told, I paid $32.69 for my entire purchase. I'll have great Christmas ribbon for at least two or three years.

No More Scarves
I finished my niece's scarf, and sent off three scarves with a thank you note for my gift from them.

I hope they like them. I don't want to do scarves again for a while.

Knitting Challenges/Innovations
When I was nearing the end of making my niece's scarf last night at around 10:00, I realized I didn't have scissors or a crochet hook to do the fringe. I improvised by cutting the yarn with my fingernail clippers, and I used the thin wire from my cell phone headset to thread the fringe yarn through the end of the scarf.

It took a little longer than with standard tools, but the end result was the same.

Other Knitting
In addition to finishing the scarf for my niece, I also finished the knitting part for my friend's prototype knitting project. I just have to do a little finishing and send that one off.

I did little or no knitting on the Janis baby gift project, but it's almost done, and I will assuredly finish that one this coming weekend.