Saturday, January 31, 2004

Completions and New Beginning of Old Projects

Completion for me brings lessons learned and the prospect of a new project.

Rebekah III
I finished Rebekah III in decent time. I had finished all that I set out to on Friday, as I predicted. I realized the sweater was a little more cropped than I had hoped, so I decided to add on another row of double crochets on the bottom ruffle.

I also opted for a very simple ribbed neck with side decreases to funnel it in some. It doesn't add anything to an already very busy sweater. After all was said and done, I finished this one in a week.

All-in-all, I'm quite pleased with the sweater.

I didn't like the yarn at all. The cotton is heavy, and the slubs made it difficult to work with.

I also thought the colors were a little too twee for my tastes.

I hope the neighbor child likes it.

So I went in search of my next project.

I thought, "Now is the time to work on the Oriental Jacket."

I picked it up from my pile and there were two problems with it. I didn't have the pattern handy and there was a hole in one of the larger mitered square.

I didn't feel like investigating the problem in any more detail, and just folded it up delicately and returned it to the pile.

Then I thought, "I should finish Rebekah II." I picked up the project, and looked to see where I was in the design. The body is complete, and I just have the sleeves to finish.

I couldn't readily find my notes on the design, and if I've lost them, I will end up fudging the sleeves to fit in, and just give this to the neighbor child as well. If I find them, I will give the pattern to my local yarn store so they can sell this design as a kit.

But I didn't feel like looking for the notes.

So...I picked up the everlasting kid alpaca bedspread.

I did a few rows on it (which is quite an accomplishment).

There are 412 stitches on each row, and while the pattern is easy to remeber, it requires a little bit of concentration.

The picture above is about 7" of knitted fabric.

I had forgotten how butter soft this kid alpaca was. I think I'll work on this project for a while. By next week, I'll be bored and I'll pick up something a little more complex.