Sunday, January 04, 2004

Coming Cleaner

Based on how I have my unfinished knitting projects stored throughout my house, it was difficult for me to find them all. I missed two.

Addi Knitted Necklace
A while ago, I bought a knitted/beaded jewelry kit to make a knitted necklace. It's made by Addi.

I'm not overly pleased with knitting using wire (despite the fact that it is VERY nice wire), and I'm not liking how the necklace is looking.

I will not be finishing this project.

Crochet Double Ruffle Scarf
Thanks to Janet for pointing this one out. My friend Kathy had all of the ladies at my yarn store making a very cool crochet scarf using Koigu that required only basic crochet skills, although it required crocheting LOTS of stitches on the last couple of rounds of the scarf.

I decided to make one, but use some of the great looking sock yarn I had bought at Stitches a couple of years ago.

Based on the fact that I had to increase the number of stitches on this scarf to way more than a human could be expected, and that I think the scarf pattern would look better in Koigu, and not my nice sock yarn, I have decided not to finish this project either. Or as Kathy put it, it defeated me.

I will be ripping this one out and making socks of the yarn, as originally planned. But I do plan on making one of these scarfs using Koigu some day.

Ronas Hill Buttons
I went to the yarn store to do two things this past weekend:

1. Return two antique yarn spools that I borrowed for my craft show display.
2. Find buttons for Ronas Hill

Well both were failures.

I forgot to bring the yarn spools with me when I went, and they didn't have any buttons that were better than the original buttons I had tried from my own collection.

I will bring the vest to Albany with me this week and try to find buttons at a fabric store in Albany.