Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Vintage Knitting

Sometimes vintage knits can be cool and interesting. Sometimes they can be absolutely dreadful.

Vintage Knitting Books
Today, I thought I'd show examples from one of the two flea market books. One I thought was kinda cool and the other I thought was an example of why people think crochet is one of the worst forms of crafting. Even worse than popsicle sticks and glue projects.

Both of these designs are from the Crochet book. The first one is a hat that I really like.

The top of the hat is created by banding together strands of yarn and securing it to a standard skull cap. But the picture is so movie-star-like, it makes the hat look good.

The next one is just plain ugly.

There is just no explaining this monstrosity.

Ripping out Fair Isle
I haven't really done enough on Ronas Hill to merit a new picture, but I did want to comment on some of the remarks you folks left in the Comments box.

Barb says ripping lace is worse. I would only agree with that if there was over 400 stitches on the lace project. Ripping lace isn't overly fun, but most of my lace knitting was easier to rip than the Fair Isle ripping I've done.

Alice most closely sounds like me. The ripping part sucks, but it's really the recovery that's a pain in the ass. And I totally agree with her that usually I have to put ripped Fair Isle projects away for a month or so while I get over my resentment at making a mistake. This time I forced myself to keep going.

Debbie asks if I was using a "lifeline" in my knitting.

For the uninitiated, a lifeline is a piece of waste yarn that you thread through the current stitches every 10 rows or so, that serves as a safety net in case you have to rip never have to rip further back than the most recent lifeline.

The only time I use a lifeline in my knitting is when I'm doing a pattern stitch from which I can't recover when I make a mistake. This is usually only with lace projects that have a lot of yarn overs, slip stitches and transfers. So, no, I wasn't using a lifeline.

Finally Sean commiserates, noting that the denial is the worst part. I agree. If I had only listened to my instincts and checked for errors immediately, I could have recovered much more quickly.

Sock Knitting
I have done some additional sock knitting, and I'm close to done on the Regia Stretch socks.

The one I'm working on is slightly longer than the first one, and I'm going to continue knitting for a little while longer before binding off. I've already started undoing the bind-off on the first sock to make sure that I could. I will go back and lengthen that one when I'm done with the second sock.

Readers Comments/Questions
Susan asks what I think of the distinction between marriage and civil unions.

I think I agree with Susan on this issue from what I can tell in her comments.

I think marriage should be a completely religious event and government should not be involved, except to allow religious groups the ability to enact civil unions along with the marriage ceremony. And all folks should be allowed to have civil unions, regardless of whether they get married or not.

That way, everyone would be treated the same with regard to the law, and religious organizations could decide on whether to be hateful and bigoted, or marry anyone who wanted to commit to a life of loving (how biased was THAT commentary?).