Friday, December 05, 2003

Onward Ronas

There are some days I almost feel like Wendy.

Knitting Progress
I've completed another pattern repeat on Ronas Hill, and shaping of the arm hole and neck is going along swimmingly. I will never knit up sweaters as fast as Wendy, but showing regular progress has been very satisfying on this sweater vest.

For those of you who would like to see a pretty decent representation of the colors and the pattern on this garment, I've finally been able to take a decent close-up picture.

Musical Entry
As many of you know, I have little or no aptitude for music. I don't even have a very good ear for hearing music. My palate for sounds is very limited.

However, early on in my consulting career, a coworker brought me to an appearance of a band in New York City called The Churchill's who's lead singer was the son of a friend of his.

I was so impressed with their music, and the lead singer (he's a hot guy and very nice as well), that I've followed their careers as they've tried to make it in the music business.

They just came out with a new CD, and I enjoy listening to it a lot. Mostly, I like the songs that they write and the voice of the lead singer.

Check it out and go to The Churchill's web site if you'd like to have a listen to what they sound like and look like.

Reader Comments/Questions
Marta asks what I think about crochet.

I like most any fiber art, and I've done a lot of very fine lace crochet in my past. My friend Kathy is a master crocheter and she has a rule of thumb that crocheting with any yarn heavier than DK weight makes it look to bulky and ugly. I tend to agree. She's made some incredible garments in crochet which I wouldn't have believed to be possible.

Andrea asks whether unmarried folks can own property jointly.

Thaddeus and I own our house jointly, but even still, he'll owe taxes on the portion deemed to be owned by me when I die (if I die first). We looked for a way to avoid inheritance tax, and the only way we've been told is by setting up a specific kind of trust. We'll look into it as we get closer to dying.

I'm also glad some of you found the lifeline concept helpful.

Years ago, I was having problems with a complex lace pattern on a scarf, and the yarn was starting to look worn from ripping it out so many times, so I unvented the lifeline concept. I sent the tip into the Knitlist, calling it a safety net, and over the years, many people have sent the tip into various lists calling it various things. I always wonder if they got the idea directly or indirectly from me.