Friday, December 19, 2003

Off for the Holidays

I'm off work until Monday, the 29th.

Holiday Knitting
I still want to supplement the Holiday Madness Arts/Crafts Show inventory that I already have, so all of my knitting between now and the end of the weekend will be focused on that.

I finished the London Beanie in Kureyon

And I also finished another novelty scarf.

I've started another London Beanie exactly like the one I just finished. I should have it finished before the show starts tomorrow.

I figure that anything I don't sell, I'll bring with me to my sister's and sister-out-of-law's house for Christmas, and let my family have their pick of any items they like.

Readers' Questions/Comments
I first wanted to thank June for the interesting link on Google Bombing. What an amazing concept. Check it out if you're interested.

Rhys asks for help with correcting an eyelash scarf that stretched more than expected.

First of all, most eyelash yarn can be ripped back just as easily as most other yarns. Just be a little patient at the ends of each row. With only 12 rows done, I would suggest ripping it. If it tangles, too much, you may just have to call this yarn a loss.

Unfortunately, I have no suggestions for the fabric that you've created up to this point.

Karen asks if there is a link to a pattern for the London Beanie.

There are lots of links to various renditions of the London Beanie initially designed and named by Mark Thraikill. Here's a link to a pattern with a picture that I posted a while back.