Monday, December 29, 2003

Knitless Knit Blog

What do knit bloggers do when they aren't knitting?

Holiday Knitting Time Off
This is more of a hypothetical question because I am knitting.

But for a couple of days before Christmas, and during my three day travels to Massachusetts, I had decided to take a little break from knitting.

I felt as if I was slacking off since I had little or nothing to write about in my blog during that time.

It also applies in a less direct way during this week of knitting a garment I can't show pictures of.

I've decided that at least I can show blog readers the yarn I'm using for Janis' baby girl's present.

The yarn is GGH Merino Soft in a baby weight. It's superwash for those of you worried about the washability factor.

I'm liking the color combination a lot, although I'm worrying that it's not very baby-like in colors. After all is said and done, I think it will be quite beautiful.

Janis Story
Before we knew of Janis' pregnancy, I was with her in the yarn store and she was discussing what she'd like to make for a recently born niece of hers. She had decided on a pair of colorful booties that looked like jester's shoes. The pattern was in some book she was showing me that I don't remember now.

She had decided that she was going to knit the booties in Jamieson Shetland wool because it offered her the color palette and the yarn weight she needed.

I was aghast. For those of you who have never worked with Shetland wool, it is a little scratchy (it softens up significantly after washing, but it's still a little too scratchy for a baby).

I told her that Shetland was a little bit harsh for a baby's foot, and she replied that the child needed to learn that everything in life wasn't soft and cuddly sometime, and she might as well get that lesson across in her gift.

Now that Janis has her own child, I'm hoping her ideas on life lessons have changed a little.

Another Knit-Related Gift
I went to my friend Nora's house last night for our holiday celebration (the same Nora who organized the craft show). In addition to some VERY nice gifts, she also gave me this cute little knit book.

I've never seen something so cute, and if you look closely, you'll see a little charm at the bottom of the page-marker ribbon. The charm is a little ball of yarn with knitting needles in it.

I have my last "Christmas" exchange on New Year's Eve with our good friend Charles, but I don't anticipate any knit-related items to be exchanged.

Funny Knit Item
For those who don't read Marilyn's blog (Knitting Curmudgeon), first of all, I highly recommend it as a regular read. Second, she held a funny holiday crap-along blog contest, and Carol's entry is very funny. It should overtake the Willy Warmer as the new joke knitting gift.

I only hope she publishes the pattern, because gawd knows it can't be easy to re-create this beauty.

Thanks Carol and Marilyn for my holiday laugh.