Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Infuriating Christmas Gift

Warning to those not leaning left-ward, this post contains anti-Bush comments

Two New Books
Jammed in with my knitting, I also like to try and put aside time to read. As some of you know, I'm reading Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy right now (and enjoying it a LOT by the way).

So for Christmas, I told my sister I wanted any book by either Michael Moore or Al Franken. I figured I needed a little light and humorous reading to break up the Tolstoy epic.

I'm not finished with the first chapter of Michael Moore's book and I'm totally infuriated. I thought I would find his book funny ("Dude, Where's My Country?"), but it's a very serious indictment of the president and his staff, and if even half of what I'm reading is true, I am going to work extra hard to get this man out of the White House.

If anyone knows of any response to Michael Moore's questions posed at the beginning of his book that would refute the awful things the senior White House officials have done, I would like to hear them.

Until then, I remain shocked and horrified by what I've read.

The rant is over, at least for today.

I got some knitting done on the Janis gift, and I'm enjoying both the knitting and the colors. I wish I could share more of that joy with you.

As for the color issue, I didn't mean to say that I thought the colors were too bright and not pastel enough. I love bright colors for babies. I meant that the colorway seemed a little too muted and subtle. It's a very adult colorway, and a little more masculine than I had anticipated.

I ended up making a colorway that I would wear.

Don't get me wrong, I think the baby will look great in it too, I just expected it to look different when it was only designed in my mind.

Bad Crochet
This is the last installment of what I consider to be bad crochet. This is also the one that I think might elicit the most protest from people. People that think this kind of knitting or crochet is perfectly acceptable.

The picture sucks, but what this is, is a crochet bed jacket and matching slippers. Here's a closeup of the slippers.

To me, this seems like someone had a baby bootie pattern that they adapted for an adult.

I say, if you want to make slippers for someone, stick to the FiberTrends felted slipper clogs. They're very warm, relatively easy to make, and make a very presentable gift. Often recipients are amazed that they are actually handmade.

Readers' Comments/Questions
Carol asks if I'm a David Sedaris fan.

Is that a trick question?...lol...I mean, yes, I've read everything he's written and seen him perform live and listen to him on NPR a lot.

Kathleen asks if I've decided on buttons for Ronas Hill yet.

I haven't had a chance to get to the yarn store, but I will this holiday/weekend sometime, where I hope to find the perfect buttons.

Lisa asked where I went for the holidays in Massachusetts.

My sister lives in North Easton (South of Boston) and my sister-out-of-law lives in Springfield. I also grew up for about 5 years of my life in a small town about 2o miles West of Boston called West Medway (near Framingham).