Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Body Done

Yes...Ronas Hill body is done. And I have the same number of stitches on each shoulder for both the front and the back.

Easy Fair Isles
To some the term "Easy Fair Isle" might seem like an oxymoron. But for anyone looking to do their first Fair Isle using jumper weight yarn and US3 needles, I would HIGHLY recommend this pattern. Here's why.

First of all, there are only six colors to worry about.

Second, the main color (indigo) is used throughout the entire garment, so the only color changes are done on the secondary colors.

Third, it is a vest. No sleeves, and finishing goes much faster.

Forth, short pattern repeats that are easy to remember.

Fifth, it's a cardigan, which allows color changes to occur at the center steek, and makes for a no-jog line where the colors change.

On the negative side to this pattern, there are a couple.

First, the shoulder width is too wide on this design. Adjusting the pattern required a lot of finagling of the numbers.

Second, the shaping of the neck on the back requires a one inch steek. Not hard to do, but kind of hard to visualize unless you've done Fair Isle knitting before.

Sock Knitting
I don't have a picture of it today, but I finished the second sock in the Regia Stretch. I also undid the bind-off on the first sock, and recovered all of the stitches. I have an inch or so of rib knitting to do on the first sock and then the pair will finally be done.

The socks fit perfectly, and look kind of cool.

Bad Crochet...Bad Knitting
I thought I'd show two more examples of what I consider to be really bad designs from the two flea market books. Enjoy.

This is my favorite. I'd love to see the look on the new mother's face when gifted with this lovely pillow case that could suffocate her newborn.

And this one is just a tragedy because of the era in which it was designed. I'm sure the boy looked quite smart at the time. Mostly it's the hair I like.

Funny Web Link
Finally, I leave you today with what I consider to be a somewhat funny web site.