Sunday, December 07, 2003

Almost Done

This really is one of the most satisfying projects I've ever worked on.

Knitting Progress
Yes folks, I've completed another round, and I only have one more to go to finish the body of the Ronas Hill vest.

This pattern has some neck shaping on the back of the body, so I'll have to create another steek soon, but that will only make the final knitting go a little bit more quickly.

Upcoming Craft Show
I just saw my friend Nora, the one who is organizing the craft show where I'll be selling my things. I didn't realize quite how big this show was going to be. She's going to have about 2 dozen artists and craftpersons showing their stuff.

I plan on buying things myself. Hopefully my sales will supplement my purchases.

If anyone is local enough to Lambertville, NJ and would like to go, e-mail me here, and I'd be glad to send you the information on the show. It's going to be Saturday and Sunday, December 20th and 21st.

Musical Entry
For those folks that tried to go to The Churchill's site, it was down for quite a while. You definitely ought to check it out if you're into good music. The site is high bandwidth too, so dial up folks might not be able to see most of it.

I am convinced they will make it big, and I'll be able to say that I saw them in a ratty little bar in downtown NYC

Reader Comments/Questions
Debi says that I should set up legal protection as soon as possible, so as not to get "blindsided" by the grim reaper.

She's right. Right now my estate isn't quite big enough to make a difference, but I do need to set it up soon...thanks for the useful prodding.

I'd also like to ask folks not to use the comments section for self promotion. If you'd like me to promote something your doing/selling, ask me and I'd be glad to include it directly in the blog, if I think it's interesting.