Sunday, December 14, 2003


What a sweet experience finishing such a challenging sweater can be.

Ronas Hill is Done
Well, almost. All of the knitting is done. I've tried a couple different types of buttons, but I haven't found any that I like in my own stash. I'm gonna have to go look for some very plain, navy blue buttons.

As you can see, I was able to finish the second arm hole edging, knit the button band/collar and sew the entire button band into place.

I tried these buttons from my stash (which are the ones I had in mind all along).

I decided the buttons detracted too much from the vest, so I'm going to try and replace them with better buttons.

A couple points of interest on this sweater:

1. Ron Schweitzer, the designer didn't use a steek when knitting the multi-color button band. Since I didn't care to purl in Fair Isle, I created a steek for the front of the button band. This allowed me to knit the front-facing portion of the button band in the round.

As soon as the multi-color portion was completed, I switched to flat knitting

2. The design didn't seem to use as much yarn as called for in the pattern. Partly, I'm sure this is due to the fact that I made the arm holes bigger. I was left with three full hanks of yarn for this sweater.

In addition, two of the colors (Lavender and Red) only require a little bit of yarn.

I'll have to see if I can use these yarns in a Fair Isle design of my own.

Craft Show Knitting
With the Holiday Madness Craft show next weekend, I also did some knitting on items for the show.

The scarf is a beautiful bronze color and the hat is a roll-brim London Beanie done in Noro Kureyon.

Upcoming Week
This last week before the holiday week is going to be hectic, so I may only do short blog entries this week.

I will be doing lots of knitting, so I can have as much inventory as possible for the show.