Saturday, November 22, 2003

Sick of Scarves

I'm sure you're just as sick of me writing about more scarves, so this is the last weekend I'll be working on craft show items for little bit.

Three More Scarves
The red scarf in GGH Gala is finished, plus I finished one of the most popular scarves from the last craft show. It's a black scarf with glittery gold sections done in Fee yarn. I also finished another scarf in the Lana Grossa fur yarn called Pep.

The Lana Grossa scarf I made much thinner and longer than most of the other scarves as an experiment. I wonder if folks will like that one as well or better than the others. It seemed to take a lot longer to knit even though I used the entire ball of yarn, just like all of the other scarves.

I also started another scarf in a different colorway of Trendsetter Dune. Thaddeus likes this one the best so far.

My theory on this craft show is that even if I don't sell any of the scarves, I can always leave them at the yarn store as store models and if non-knitters come in wanting to buy them (which they often do), I'll tell them it's okay to sell them.

Back to Real Knitting
This week, I plan on going back to the Ronas Hill vest and continue on that over the Thanksgiving weekend.

I will be in Albany from Monday through Wednesday, with limited time to knit on Monday and Tuesday night. But at least I'll be working on knitting I enjoy a lot more than the never-ending scarves.

Readers Comments/Questions
Alison asks where Gage has been lately.

Mostly, I don't care to make this a Cat Blog, so I won't be having daily or weekly pictures of my cat. If you think about it, I bet there are more pictures of Gage on my blog archives than there are of Thaddeus. Nobody ever asks, "more pictures of that handsome man of yours please?".

Anyway, here's one for you.

This one shows Gage in Thaddeus' lap trying on the newest Pep scarf. I think the color brings out his eyes.

Jo asks what's this LLH brand yarn I mentioned.

Gwen gladly corrected my misreading of the GGH label. The G's on their label look very much like L's to me (as odd as that sounds). Thanks Gwen.