Thursday, November 20, 2003


The endless knitting of scarfs continues.

Same Scarf, Different Yarn
I finished the Trendsetter Dune scarf, using the "free scarf pattern" posted in my last entry. It's a great color combination in sparkly jewel tones. I only need to add the fringe to complete the scarf, and I didn't have scissors or a crochet hook with me, so I started my next scarf.

The new scarf is done in Gala by LLH (I think). It's a furry yarn, very similar to Fee and Pep, except this yarn has clear, sparkly hairs mixed in all over the place. Unfortunately, you can't see the sparkles in the picture, but with the deep red color, and the dew-covered look from the sparkles, this yarn knits up pretty cool for acrylic.

I have to admit that I should probably have come up with a different pattern design for this yarn. The resulting scarf looks kind of like those cheesey faux-fur collars. But fortunately, I think the color makes up for the lack of imagination in pattern stitches.

Non-Curling Stockinette Stitch
Thuy tried the tubular cast-on technique, and reported back that it didn't prevent the curling at all (well, maybe a little).

So the non-curling stockinette stitch is still attributable to Satan (no, not satin...this one concept isn't fiber-related), for lack of a more likely way to make this happen.

Readers Comments/Questions
First of, just an overall comment about your comments.

I read the comments to my blog a few times throughout the day (during work), and I can't tell you how many times I have a little burst of laughing when I read them. You folks are quite entertaining...thank you.

Anyway, Kitty reminds me to kindly quit splitting my infinitives.

I figure if it's good enough for Captains Kirk and Picard, I am also able to assuredly continue doing it too.

Sean (still love that boy's blog), bemoans that fact that his scarf takes him forever.

Sean, honey...bulky yarn, US13's and 16 stitches is the secret. How much time could it take to knit a row of 16 stitches? Also, I'll try to get a close up of some of the London Beanie's in Kureyon for you. I don't have them with me in Albany, but I'll be home tonight.

Clark ponders what next project to consider, and wonders if socks are too ambitious.

With the stick-to-itiveness that boat-building must require, I don't think sock knitting is at all too ambitious. There are tons of free recipes on the web for making socks, and experimenting with double points was very exciting for me as a new knitter. I don't know that I'd recommend doing such a fine gauge sock as the vacation sock. If you want something quick, you could do a nice hiking sock in a DK or worsted weight yarn.

I even have a software called Sock Wizard where I could design you a pattern if you could tell me what gauge you were getting with a particular yarn.