Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Back in the Ronas Hill Swing

As promised, after finishing up another scarf over the weekend (and starting another), I'm back doing Fair Isle and a little sock knitting.

One and a Quarter More Scarves
I didn't take a picture, but I finished the last Dune scarf and I started a new one in a Lana Grossa yarn that I don't remember the name of, and I've never worked with it before. It's a furry yarn in this strange and lovely brushed copper color.

It won't be a huge hit at the craft fair, but it's one of the more interesting yarns from my perspective.

Fair Isle Knitting
Ronas Hill is back on the needles. I was able to finish another pattern repeat for a total of 4 now (you can track my progress by counting the rows with a red line of color in them That red yarn row is the top line of the pattern repeat.

This four day weekend, I anticipate hitting the armhole shaping and making some headway on finishing the body.

It's starting to get cold and snowy in the Albany area, and my office space is either a blast furnace, or as cold as outside. A nice warm vest will be perfect for office-wear.

Sock Knitting
I've also made a little progress on the Regia Stretch sock that I work on concurrently with the Ronas Hill vest. I've got a little bit more to do on this sock.

For the first sock, I didn't use up the entire first ball of Regia, so I'm thinking I may undo the finishing edge on the first sock and use up the leftover yarn, and use up all of the yarn on the current sock as well. We'll see how inspired I feel as I continue to make progress.

Strange and Interesting Web Site
I wandered onto this site and thought others might find it as interesting as I did. Here's one of the pictures from the site, but there's a whole page of pictures like this.

Click here to see the full site.

Readers Comments/Questions
Just as an overall reply to the "now-too-late" requests for pictures of the hunk-o'-man, Thaddeus, my comments about that were really just a tease anyway.

He doesn't like pictures of himself very much, and he looks much better in person. Pictures of him on this site will be pretty rare, and pictures of Gage will be somewhat infrequent.

Jojo asks what size needle and how much Dune is required for a scarf.

I use US13 needle and 13 stitches for the Dune scarf. I used the free scarf pattern that I posted last week for the Dune scarf and with the added fringe, it comes out a perfect length with only one ball.

Marie asks how much I'll charge for my scarves at the craft sale.

The last sale, I sold the scarves for $28, of which $7 of each scarf went to the organizer of the craft sale. I'm considering upping the price to $32 ($8 per hat will go to the organizer), but I'm not sure yet. I'm thinking that the Dune and Fee scarfs I might sell for $32, and the Pep scarves for $28.

For the most part, I do this craft show for my enjoyment and being around my friend who organizes it. It's definitely not for the money. Even if I sell all the scarves and hats that I make, my overall hourly rate will be around minimum wage if I take into consideration the knitting time and the craft sale time.